City of Falls Church Maintenance Contract

In the City of Falls Church we have performed a range of services from custom designed storm drain renovations, maintenance of streams, and assisting with information gathering for future projects.

Fairfax County Maintenance Contract

Over the last two years we have worked on thirty individual task orders for the Fairfax County Maintenance & Stormwater Management Division. The tasks that we have completed for the County range from storm sewer point repairs to stream restorations. A large portion of the work we have done has been stream and outfall restoration with the use of imbricated stone, which creates a more appealing and natural finished product.

City of Fairfax Maintenance Contract

Our contract with the City of Fairfax is used by the Stormwater Division, Sanitary Sewer Division, and Roadway Maintenance Division. We have done many different projects from new storm installation and repairs of storm drain systems, replacement of sanitary sewer, along with small roadway projects. In addition to these serves we have assisted in snow removal projects during states of emergency.

Municipal Maintenance Contracts